If you don't know what is carbon cleaning machine , then It's time to know about it .

1. Target and expectation

The carbon deposition in the vehicle engine while the engine works, which makes the engine launching performance, the fuel consumption and the exhaust gas standard worse. the cleaning off process will eliminate the internal carbon deposition and  recover the original performance of the engine, and promote the accelerator response, and reduce the waste gas exhausting. the burning becomes more full, lower the fuel consumption,and make the useful life of the engine longer.

This equipment is mainly used for cleaning engine carbon deposition, when vehicles exist the following problems, please solve the trouble first ,then use this equipment for carbon cleaning
1)Auto idle instability
2)Piston ring seal failure, burn oil
3)spark plug of aging ignition system
4)ternary catalytic sintering
5)fuel spray nozzle blockage
6)exhaust system Seal intake failure

2. Working principle and process

Oxyhydrogen carbon removal machine is one our company oxyhydrogen machine series products used in vehicle maintenance of special equipment.

Principle of oxyhydrogen machine

Water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom, By the electrochemical reaction, water can be decomposed hydrogen and oxygen,we called oxyhydrogen machine as Hydrogen and oxygen generator or brown gas generator,in fact both principle is by water electrolysis device to produce hydrogen and oxygen, oxyhydrogen machine uses water as medium, Under the action of electricity produce hydrogen and oxygen and come into oxyhydrogen energy equipment.

The process of water electrolysis into hydrogen and oxygen, Electrode reaction as
cathode 2H2O + 2e H2↑ + 2OH-

1) Displacement under 3000CC of gasoline or diesel engine (EP230)
2) Displacement under 6000CC of gasoline or diesel engine (EP230 PRO)
3) Displacement under2500CC of diesel or gasoline engine (EP230 PRO)
4) Custom size for the engine displacement beyond above data.(EP3000)

Standard accessories

spare parts and tools list
gas-type fitting: standard configuration
tube: standard configuration 5M

3. Working conditions and prepare

Power source

Power supply requirement:single phase AC 220V,50HZ
power capacity: Capacity in accordance with the requirements of single equipment configuration, EP230 cable should be 2.5mm2, EP230PRO cable should be 3P-2.5mm2, EP3000PRO cable should be 3P-4mm2,, Embedded special ground,make sure ground connection is good(Protective earthing wire diameter should be bigger than 4 mm2)
connect: This machine is with national standard triangular plug to be used with the socket connection.


Already put electrolyte(KOH water solution) inside the equipment when delivery,when you got the equipment just using is ok.no need(prohibit) to add KOH or other chemicals.

Water original material

pressure: 0.4~0.6Mpa,when Tap water pressure >2kg,need to reduce pressure before join tap watter.

Installation requirements

Main engine install
1.House: The top should be equipped with exhaust and ventilation facilities, should be without  dust and fire indoor, Installation position shall not leak.
2. ground: Finishing the cement floor, horizontal bearing should satisfy each device 1 ton
3. indoor temperature: indoor temperature
4. installation space:
A: Equipment spacing between>1m
B:Have installation and maintenance access>1.5m
C: remain level, incline<5

Checking before open machine
The power cord connected properly, reliable, voltage in±15%
The lid must be tight
Check the external pipe, each connector parts, seals and related welding place without leakage,can closing down the machine and keep the pressure in 0~0。05Mpa, Checking by soap water,if leakage need to exclude in time.

4. Machine components and technical parameters
Machine appearance and component name

Relative humidity ≤90
Working air pressure 0.05~0.20MPA
Overall Dimensions 54*70*86
Weight 160KG

5. Operation process of machine

contact the oxyhydrogen carbon cleaning machine and engine

Start the vehicle, and let it keep in the idle state(hold N position), close the car multimedia and air conditioning At the same time, connect the output trachea of carbon cleaning machine and  vacuum negative pressure pipe of vehicle engine.

Start and operate oxyhydrogen carbon removal machine

Connect the carbon cleaning machine with single phase 220V power , Press the power switch(next to the touch screen), The machine will be completed within 5 seconds of automatic detection and vehicle connectivity.

The car engine digital oxyhydrogen carbon removal  control system

function key                Introductions
the start icon       On the top of right,press and enter the work function of the page
icon setting       Enter the system and change the parameter by Professional Staff

Press “start”in the welcome screen,touch the screen and run to home page as below:

Observe the monitoring area shown in the picture display operation is correct or not,if display” Read the engine parameters successfully”,that means carbon cleaning machine has been correctly connected with the engine.

Parameter setting screen display Every working state when the machine is working
The key and function introduction as follows.

If press”working time”in above screen,the screen will display setting time ,minute as time unit,press ENTER:

In the working status page,press” senior user”, The system will enter the permissions Settings page, First, show the password permissions as below,

After enter password,press ENTER,the screen goto authorize times,carbon cleaning  machine user info factory settings times is 2000, According to the actual situation can modify the parameters or reset it,display screen as below:

When the machine use to a certain time limit,the machine will remind maintenance operations,the screen display as below:

Oxygen carbon removal machine automatically remove carbon

The decarbonizing machine automatically finish the whole carbon removal according to the factory settings or the carbon removal time automatically set by the user. the carbon removal time usually continues for 15 to 30 minutes each drivings, base on the vehicle type and mileage; for the first time carbon removal, it is suggested to set the time at 15minutes every 30000 kilometres, and while mileage increases, the Max time increase  should not exceed 40 minutes, and for the future carbon removal it is suggested to take 15minutes  each time to clean for every 10000 to 30000 kilometers.
while the carbon removal finishes, Alarm sound will appear in the system, to indicate that the carbon removal is complete.

Carbon removal last finish works

While hearing the Alarm sound indicating the carbon removal finished, disconnect the carbon machine and the vehicle, resume the original piping of the vehicle,meantime turn off the oxyhydrogen carbon machine.
to Restart vehicle,and increase the accelerograph to make the engine rotating speed reach 3500 turnings and continue for 3 to 5 min, repeat this for 5 to 8times, then the whole carbon removal finishes.

to test result we can check below status:
sewage water continuously gives off while increasing the accelerograph
black smoke of exhaust pipe disappear after carbon removal.
accelerograph becomes lighter, save fuel,and accelerating ability is apparently increase.

6. Common faults and elimination method

machine operational safety and reminders.

01. before using, pls read the manual carefully and follow it. the operator and maintainer should participate in training and familiar with the machine structure,   to operate,maintain and repair independly.

02. oxyhydrogen generator should locate in indoor of clean,dry and well ventilated, no burning, and should allocate Fire Equipment.
03. electrolysis power stops when the temperature reaches  70℃, and restart when temperature falls at 65℃. if temperature reaches  70℃, we must check if the fan of the refrigeration system work correctly.
04. to use the soapy water, not the fire, to test if the piping leakage. if it is frozen, can only use hot water, must no use the fire.
05. Strictly prohibit openning the valve lip or connecting the pipes and components while there is pressure, to avoid injury.
06. while the tempreture lower than 0℃,  the water in the seal jug should be discharged completely in time after machine stops, and condensed water also should be discharged completely to avoid frozen.  while the device environment is lower than -20℃, adjust the wind speed to make sure work normally according to the enviroment.
07. in the operation we should pay attention to the liquid level of the  electrobath, water seal jug, outlay water seal and outlay water tank. Strictly prohibit work while no liquid. at any time pay attention to the blower of the electrobath and the power.  the machine should stop if there is blower fault, and restart after it is recovers.
08. frequently  pay attention to the pressure of the machine during working. if the pressure exceeds the prescribed value and not stop automatically,  it should be Manual shutdown. and restart after it is recovered. in the normal status, if pressure is normal but fire less, should pay attention that if there is lick out, if there is water accumulates in the pipes. if there is, it should be eliminated  in time.
09. to check status every 12months base on the water quality and using status, to discharge the alkali liquor of the electrobath completely  (if the electrobath becomes black completely or over turbid), and clean the electrobath completely, and replace with the new electrolyte.  moreover, check if the fixing bolt of the electrobath loses, if it is lose, firm it and replace new water to the outlay water seal.



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