The principle of dry ice blasting machine——will the removal of carbon deposits by dry ice blasting machine damage the engine?

Dry ice cleaning machine principle: dry ice blasting, also known as cold spray, is based on compressed air as the power and medium, dry ice particles as accelerated particles, which are sprayed onto the surface of the cleaning object through a special spray cleaning machine, using the momentum change (Δmv) of solid dry ice particles, heat transfer, such as lifting, melting, etc., so that the stains, oil stains, residual impurities, etc. on the surface of the cleaned object are quickly frozen, and then condensed, embrittled and separated with the air flow.


                         Cleaning effect comparison

With the popularity of dry ice blasting, dry ice blasting is widely used in marine ships, aerospace, historical buildings, industrial rust removal, printing equipment, cold chain transportation, chemical boilers, industrial molds and other fields.


In addition to the atmosphere of the landscape or stage, dry ice is also a cleaning material. As a recognized safe, environmentally friendly and efficient new cleaning technology, dry ice blasting uses compressed air to blow dry ice particles to the cleaning target surface to locally cool, embrittle and crack the stains. Then use dry ice sublimation, the explosive effect produced by the violent expansion of the volume will separate the stain fragments, and then take away the kinetic energy of the compressed air from the surface of the object, which has excellent cleaning performance. Its airflow is optimized for excellent cleaning even under low air pressure conditions.

Dry ice cleaning does not damage the surface of the object being cleaned, especially the metal surface, nor will it affect the cleanliness of the metal surface.


Friends who buy a car know that it is easy to buy a car and difficult to maintain a car. Carbon buildup in critical places such as car engines can affect performance and even pose a potential hazard. Therefore, many car owners will worry that if the carbon deposits in the engine are cleaned with dry ice cleaner, will it cause damage to the engine?


Although dry ice blasting machine is a professional industrial cleaning equipment such as mold cleaning equipment cleaning, compared with general industrial cleaning equipment, dry ice blasting machine has obvious advantages.


Dry ice blasting is unique in that dry ice particles vaporize at the moment of impact. The volume of the dry ice pellets expanded nearly 800 times in a few thousand seconds, which caused a "micro-explosion" at the point of impact. Because CO2 is volatile, there is no secondary waste during dry ice blasting, leaving only dirt that needs to be collected and cleaned.


In addition, due to the dry ice cleaning medium dry ice characteristics, the damage to the cleaning material is almost zero compared to general industrial cleaning equipment.


Compared with traditional industrial cleaning sandblasting, high-pressure  water sprinkling, ultrasonic and manual cleaning technology, dry ice cleaning is different from traditional industrial cleaning methods, so it has been highly recognized and widely used in the industrial industry.



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